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Archives Requesting


Guidelines of the Use of Archives
    A.    Opening Hours: 8:30 to 16:30, Monday to Friday. National holidays and weekends are not included.
    B.     Rules on reading, transcribing or copying archives:
          1.       No food and drink. No smoking. No noise.
          2.          Keep the place clean and tidy.
          3.          A form has to be signed before using the archives.
          4.          Use pencil only for transcribing the archives.
          5.          Personal belonging is not allowed to bring to the room.
          6.          Unauthorized connection to electric socket, video and photo taking are prohibited.
          7.          University properties should be handled with care. Damaging to the provided objects is liable to 
          8.          In the case of temporarily leaving the reading room, the archives should be handed to the staff for 
          safety purpose.
     C.    Fees for reading, transcribing and copying archives: please refer to the fees section

     D.    Travelling to the University: please see the location of the University