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Document Processing

Common letters are directly forwarded to the departments or dormitories. For registered ones or expresses, 
addresses will be notified first, moreover it will be list on mail-query information system and well for convenience
of users. The students or clerks are supposed to pick up letters here with theirs ID cards and seals.


Correspondence Processing

1.         Receiving& Dispatching
            The form of documents may classify into paper works or digital documents. After receiving and sorting, 
            we'll dispatch or notify the offices concerned, besides list on document-query system as well.

2.         Typing, Sealing& Issuing
            The documents from principal office or secretary office are given with code number and date first. 
            Through registering, typing, and proof reading, university official seal is set at last. These official 
            documents are issued out via post office or digital exchange.

3.         Tracking 
            All documents dispatched to offices or divisions are supposed to be processed in fixed days. When 
            deadline is due, we begin the tracking process. At the end of month, the list of documents failed to close
            by rule shall be directly reported to principal or authorized office.

4.          Filing
             While cases closed, the relating documents are filed into cabinets with a given conservation period. 
             Annually, we'll check whether some documents have expired. If so, those documents will be shredded 
             after confirming.

5.          Creating files by tracing back 
             For those older documents written manually from 1945 to 2001, we try to re-examine and keep into order
             from the beginning by digitalize and save it in the concurrent document management system.

6.          Confidential documents managementThe documents classified with confidence are dispatched by specific
             personnel, and only received by one in charge. While completed and filed, those are separately kept into
             specific cabinets, whose confidential level will be re-evaluated again in some period and may update.